This is a highlight of all the illustrations I created for my Top Down Magazine Project I will be posting soon. This is a convertible magazine that features content such as the history of convertibles, stories about how people acquired their convertibles, and fun trivia and facts. Here you will see all of the illustrations that belong to my feature article called "Blast From the Past". This is an article that has a historical timeline of convertibles through the years and a brief highlight on the popularity of convertibles in TV and movies.
All of these were done in pencil, and for the "Blast from the Past" illustration, I did it in several sections and then pieced them together in Photoshop to create the finished composition. I did it this way because I was fairly new to this type of style and it was easier for me to do research and add in sections, instead of doing an entire composition at once. This opening illustration was inspired by the style found on the Sanborn Maps and I wanted to incorporate a vintage style for this historical feature article.
I also drew two convertible illustrations. The first one is of a 1941 Chrysler Thunderbolt and the second is the Greased Lightning car from the movie Grease. Below these two illustrations is my Grease illustration of Sandy and Danny in the final scene of the movie. I did a highlight of this movie in my magazine, which was really fun!
Illustration Pieces
Finished Illustration
1941 Chrysler Thunderbolt
Greased Lightning
Sandy & Danny
Thanks for viewing!
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