HALEY RUTHERFORD - Graphic designer, illustrator, and music lover originally from Arizona. I'm extremely passionate about the work I do and I enjoy the constant learning process the world of design provides.

AiPX ALUM - I graduated from the Art Institute of Phoenix with a degree in Graphic and Web Design, and also studied illustration.

MY CAREER - While I currently work as a graphic designer for the State of Tennessee, I like to challenge myself to further my skills and knowledge in many creative areas. Music, illustration, branding, web design, writing - I strive to test my comfort zone wherever I go and meet great people in the process.

TEAM PLAYER - I enjoy collaborating with other creative people, life is more fun that way!
Interesting Facts

I am an identical twin! My sister's name is Shannon and she is also an artist. She graduated from Santa Fe Univeristy of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree! Check out her work HERE!

I am a competitive athlete at heart. I love sports, whether that means watching them or playing them. My favorites are softball and volleyball and I played 2 years of volleyball at the collegiate level.

I love music and have a dream of getting involved in the industry one day. Whether that means designing for artists, writing songs for them, or creating music of my own, I'm into a variety of music styles and like to find new artists to follow. I'm especially interested in combining my love of music and illustration. Check out the LYRIC SERIES I have created. This is where I hand-letter lyrics and draw illustrations inspired by some of my favorite songs.
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