In one of my illustration classes we had to choose a music artist or band and visually represent their history through a 6 paneled piece. I am a fan of the band The Script and wanted to illustrate images that represent their albums and where they started from. Throughout the piece you will see that I have a theme of the number three, which represents the three members in the band. Each panel was created with watercolor and charcoal pencil on watercolor paper. To finish off the panels I added small markers for the years and gave a brief description of what occurred at this time. In addition to graphic design, another passion of mine is music so I found this project quite enjoyable! To learn more about The Script you can visit the band's website.
The piece starts off with an illustration of the O'Connell Bridge located in Dublin, Ireland, which is where The Script got their start as a band.
Check out their first single, "Superheroes", released from their new album No Sound Without Silence.
Thanks for viewing!
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