I can't remember where I have heard "Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy" from before. I think I've seen it in a movie before and I like the phrase so I drew it and added a lot of colors to make it really bright.
Harry Styles from One Direction.
Coming next are themed sketches I did for different holidays. I did Christmas, Valentine's Day, and New Years. I tried to go for a style you might see on a greeting card.
Celebrity: Ian Somerhalder most known for the TV show Vampire Diaries.
I also do stuff with music sometimes whether it is lyrics, song titles, or just sketching out band names. There's mostly One Direction stuff because that is what I have finished so far, but of course I listen to other music too : )
Lyrics to a One Direction song.
More One Direction lyrics. I decided to add a lot of texture and overlap several elements.
Random cat sketch : )
Below is something I just did for fun. I experimented with paint and I kind of just splashed it everywhere to get this effect. Then after it dried I used pen and highlighter to add more color to areas. The first picture I edited in iphoto to make it look more blue. The actual appearance is in the second picture.
This is a drawing I did when I was bored one day. I drew a person then cut the parts of the face into pieces and then re-taped them down and outlined the tape and pieces with highlighter and pen to get this cool effect.
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