Little Mix are a British girl group formed in 2011 during the eighth series of the UK version of the television show, The X Factor. They are the first and, so far, the ONLY group to win the popular singing competition.

Their fourth studio album, Glory Days, was released on Nov 18, 2016 and debuted at #1 on the UK album chart, becoming the group's first UK #1 album. The album had the highest first week sales for a UK girl group number one album since the Spice Girls in 1997 and the fastest-selling number one album by any girl group in 15 years, since Destiny’s Child's Survivor in 2001. Glory Days has spent five weeks at number one on the UK album chart as of Jan 13 2017, making it the longest reigning girl group number one since Spice Girls' debut 20 years ago, surpassing Destiny's Child's Survivor. Band description from Wikipedia - *top graphic designed/arranged by me*
Stage 1: BLACK & WHITE - Illustration for Little Mix's song is created with ballpoint pen.
The lyrics read "I'm beggin' please don't play no more sad songs"
Stage 2: COLOR VERSION - Color is added using Photoshop CC 2017
I used various pink, purple, and blue tones to go along with the theme of love & heartbreak.
I had the most fun creating the effect of tears dripping into a puddle at the bottom.
Stage 3: PHOTOGRAPHY - I then placed my illustration over photos I took while at an actual Little Mix concert. This background consists of two images composited together, that are both zoom-ins of the colorful concert stage lights.
Stage 4: VIDEO PRESENTATION - I presented all three stages of the illustration in a creative video clip and put it to a short sample of the song so others could get an idea of the music's vibe.
*Main group photo from | ©SYCO Entertainment
Album covers acquired via Wikipedia - All images & music are used strictly for fan art purposes
"No More Sad Songs" audio ©SYCO Entertainment & Little Mix
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