The State of Tennessee’s Department of Health has a Quit Week each year. Their goal is to educate Tennesseans on the dangers of smoking, nicotine addiction, the use of vaping and e-cigarettes, and to provide valuable resources that can help people quit smoking for good. Last year the theme was “It’s Quitting Time Tennessee” and this year they requested a Valentine’s themed campaign centered around breaking up with your tobacco/nicotine habit. In this campaign, I helped develop the “breakup” messaging and created 3 poster designs, postcard mailers, and a variety of digital ads.
These posters were placed on school campuses and provided to partnering organizations throughout Tennessee. Our goal was to create messaging and imagery that could appeal to a wide range of ages. I started off by sketching out concepts and once we selected the finals, I created each of these designs in Adobe Illustrator.
This poster shows a conversation with tobacco as if someone were breaking up with them via text message. We highlighted common reasons why someone might want to give up their tobacco habit and also included sad, angry, and sick emojis to further express the emotions. We also used a pink/red color scheme with candy hearts and broken hearts to communicate the Valentine's Day breakup theme.
This poster deals with second-hand smoke by stating "Don't blow smoke in the face of those you love!" The feature illustration is of a cigarette broke in half with a no smoking/cancel symbol. Another element which goes along with the "Call It Quits" message are the cancel signs in the background. I used this as a subtle background pattern throughout the entire campaign.
This poster centers around the dangers of vaping and smoking e-cigarettes. We went with an illustrative poster so people could visually see what these nicotine products look like.
Throughout Quit Week, Tennessee's Department of Health uploaded the posters to their social media platforms along with "breakup" themed messaging. They also placed the final materials on the Tennessee Tobacco Quitline website.
This project provided Tennesseans with educational information about the dangers of tobacco/nicotine products and valuable resources for how to quit smoking. The feedback for this campaign was very positive and many people said they found the Valentine's Day theme very relatable and it caught their attention. By posting these materials on social media, we were able to grow our reach even further and target younger generations who may be pressured to use tobacco products. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked as a designer for the State of Tennessee and I had an amazing experience creating this campaign with the Department of Health.
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