To see the best detail, please view each graphic and video in expanded, full-screen mode.
Below is an additional graphic I created to promote using the hashtag "Shout Out To My Ex" on social media. I used images from their music video and added in other themed elements and colors.
I also create original gif edits to promote my illustrations, process and promo videos, new music releases, etc. Click on any of the colored links below to see the videos or song.
Styles + Payne
Below is a gif edit I made for fun that combines some program humor with One Direction members. I also created a gif version and short video for the graphic as well. Besides playing off of the artists' last names, my goal was to also visually represent the drastic difference in each artists' musical and fashion style.
I used 6 images total to create this edit and added in extra elements like the stars, sunglasses glare, etc.
The contrast between the two artists' music styles was further represented in the short video clip below.
Thanks for viewing!
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