This was an illustration I created for an album cover contest with Creative Allies. I have always been a fan of Maroon 5's music and I enjoy projects where I can incorporate my love for both illustration and music.
Create artwork inspired by Maroon 5 and their new album "V". Required text: "Maroon 5" and "V".
  "V" Track listing (Deluxe Edition): Check it out on iTunes.
  1. Maps
  2. Animals
  3. It Was Always You
  4. Unkiss Me
  5. Sugar
  6. Leaving California
  7. In Your Pocket
  8. New Love
  9. Coming Back For You
10. Feelings
11. My Heart Is Open feat. Gwen Stefani
12. Shoot Love
13. Sex and Candy
14. Lost Stars (also on the Begin Again movie soundtrack)
For the cover design I wanted to represent the album as a whole because it's impossible to pick just one song as my favorite. My concept was to style each letter after specific songs off the album as follows.

M = "Maps"
I drew an old vintage map of Los Angeles, where Maroon 5 started as a band.

A = "Animals"
Instead of drawing an animal, I went with a more subtle approach and drew jungle leaves to represent this song.
R = "Sugar"
I made this letter look as if it was made out of candy.

O = "My Heart Is Open / New Love"
This O has a cute heart pattern to represent the love songs on this album.

O = "In Your Pocket"
I wanted this second O to relate to denim material, like pockets for jeans. I made this letter pretty simple with minimal texture in order to balance out some of the more detailed letters.

N = "Leaving California"
A California sunset with palm trees represents this song.
To see the design on the Creative Allies site click here.
To learn more about Maroon 5 click here.
After illustrating the letters and scanning them I placed them in the final layout below. In order for the submission to count I had to have the album title "V" present. I chose to put the V in the background and have it act as a design element as well. I also incorporated a 5 with the letter N to get the full band name in there. I used watercolor and colored pencil for this illustration.
Thanks for viewing!
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