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This is Beth's most popular song with an amazing 10.5 million Spotify listens and counting! The lyrics are inspired from a book called City of Bones, which is the first urban fantasy book in author Cassandra Clare's New York Times bestselling series The Mortal Instruments.

Beth selected the lyrics "Behind this soft exterior lies a warrior" for me to illustrate for a t-shirt design. Beth was a dream client to work with as she gave me full creativity in the design and allowed me to get inspired through the mood and lyrics of her song.

The main theme is the idea of a broken angel who rises up against adversity to show their strength and realize their true power. I wanted to combine a visual of soft and warrior. To me there is a softness in the butterfly wings and the pink, blue, and purple color palette.

The butterfly wings then morph into black angel wings and the vibrant heart of a warrior is found in the center of the illustration.
"Too Late for Me"
This song has a darkness to it that is evident in the lyrics "I wanna be a hero but the villain's having more fun." This song centers around an internal battle against oneself. I was immediately drawn to the contrasting words of hero and villain.

To represent the destructive mood of this song, I enclosed the lyrics in a burning flame with a bright and glowing gradient throughout. The word hero sits on top with subtle jewels, but quickly the lettering style turns more rough and leads to a sinister smirk at the bottom. Check out Beth's music video for "Too Late for Me" below!
"Warrior" and "Too Late for Me" designs are now available on t-shirts, tank tops, and hoodies. Scroll down to see me sporting my own "Warrior" t-shirt! So cool!! 

Purchase these designs at bethcrowley.com/shop
Listen to more of Beth's music on Spotify and check out her website at bethcrowley.com
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