The goal of Creative Compass is to give high school students direct contact to creative professionals so they can learn about what careers are really out there and learn new skills. I came up with the concept because I feel students could greatly benefit from this type of creative outlet before they are faced with choosing an area of study in college. My goal was to brand a campaign that would open their eyes to all of the creative career possibilities and help them decide if the arts are an area they want to pursue.

Creative Compass allow students to meet up and listen to a professional talk about their job, how they landed the job, what a day at their job is like, and at the end there is a Q&A session. While an online presence is a popular choice with today's younger generations, I believe face to face interaction is still an unbeatable experience. It is Creative Compass's goal to encourage creativity and invest in the futures of the next generation.

This poster shows the benefits of being involved in the arts and the competitive salaries for creative fields This poster would be shared on social media, handed out at events, posted in schools, and they can be handed out to parents as well.
Storyboard for video on the homepage of the website.

There are also additional opportunities for professionals and students to collaborate together. One opportunity would be for a professional to create a public mural and it would be a great real-world experience for students to participate in. If they have a hand in creating the artwork it is also something they can include on their resume. I illustrated an example of the type of mural that could be done.
Original Illustration

At the end of an event, students can pick up a cool giveaway as they leave. I designed a sketchbook-notebook and created a directional design for the cover. I included an inspirational artist quote and on the inside there is an opportunity to take notes and sketch ideas.
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